Monday, December 10, 2007

Im late

Its late, 23 days late. The first day of my last period was October 19. I remember that date because it was the day before our Open House, held at my sister and her families church, also the church I went to when I was growing up. I woke up in the middle of the night, I didn't think I was going to start, but I was ready just in case, the day was really busy, a lot of different things were going on. We help set up, and I had to hurry and get ready, my sister and her family were getting pictures taken so I had no one to help get me ready, my mom was running late as usual. I was attempting to put makeup on (I rarely wear it so this is a difficult task). We'd forgotten my bra, my shorts that I wear under my dress (I'm also not a very girly person). So that was uncomfortable, I felt all icky and bloated, I was cramping horribly. Other then that it was a great night. We decided to make the trek home, even though our family didn't want us to risk it, the weather was fine through the usual bad weather parts, but then the snow hit, it was terrible, a white out, we ended up having to stay in Heber, we didn't want to chance going though the canyon. it was a nice room, cozy. Finally we went home.

Its now December 10, and still no sign, all negative pregnancy tests. I have a doctors appointment on the 21, but its feels like its such a long time to wait. I'm going crazy, Driving my husband crazy. I'm supposed to start on/around the 14th, so we'll see what happens then. Shouldn't the tests be positive now? UGH