Thursday, October 9, 2008

Moving day

Tomorrow is the closing of our townhouse!! I've been very excited for a couple weeks now, I really haven't gotten much sleep. Anyway I've been packing for almost two months, our spear bedroom is covered in boxes and now so is a lot of our living room. We decided to pack almost all the dishes a week ago so we left out a few pans and 2 plates and 2 bowls and 2 spoons, forks and butter knives. and our cookie sheets, that was mostly because we forgot to pack them with the other stuff. LoL Anyway we walked through a couple days ago and it is lovely. I almost cried. Tomorrow at is the final walk through in the wee hours in the morning. So I don't think I'll be sleeping tonight either, eh.. no worries. Buying a new home is a great thing. Awhile ago I didn't think it was something that I'd ever be able to do, now here we are, almost been married for a year. Its an excellent feeling.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Noisy neighbors

I'm not a fan of loud music or have I ever really been, I like music just fine, but at a reasonable level, I can hear my neighbors stereo right now blasting, I hear it over my TV, over my typing. Its highly annoying. Sometimes I can hear both of the neighbors above and next to us. I HATE it! Now that is a strong word, and I rarely use it, I think this situation deserves it. I think that it is really disrespectful.

In the morning around 6:45 am, my up stairs neighbors alarm goes off, she has it on a radio station, so its not quite as bad as the beeping could be, but still annoying. It would be so bad I guess if I had better sleep pattern, It wakes me up almost every morning, which wouldn't be as bad if I could go to sleep at a decent hour, I go to sleep around 4-5am, depending on when my Hubby gets off work.

The music stuff it tolerable! I guess, if I have to! What I really CANNOT stand is that, the upstairs boy SKATEBOARDS! Yes SKATEBOARDS!!! in the house urm.. Apartment!! We've told them that it bothers us, and he still does it!! Pounded on the ceiling, still does it!

Rant over! :D Have a nice day!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

The "secret" is coming out...

We really haven't told anyone that we're trying to conceive, well I have told people, ie my mom, my sister, 2 of my friends. ;) (Yep thats right you're in on it) But not anyone in his family, I don't know how to bring it up with them, with my family i've always been quite open with them, my sister asked if I started and I said "No, I haven't had one in quite awhile", she asked if I was pregnant. and I told her no, took lots of test, and getting lots of negatives.

His family isn't as... nosey?! As mine is. Ha Ha!! They haven't asked us when we're planning on having kids. or anything really when it comes to that. But I think we decided to let them know on Sunday. (If we're going over there) I told my family, so I figured he'd bring it up with his, but he hasn't. So WE will in the near future! :)

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Not my idea... but a good one

My friend posted things about her, and I though i'd give that a try... let me see... not Everything about me just a few little, "Becky things"

1. I have to put on my right shoe first.

2. I love to read. 

3. My favorite color changes daily. Right now it is.... pink

4. I write poetry. I have been since I was 12 or 13

5. I don't like loud music, never really have I enjoy listening to music, but at a reasonable volume. 

6. I HAVE to wash ice cube trays. (too) lol... 

7. I don't sleep as often as I should I sometimes go days without sleeping, I don't like to take medication to aid with that. I just don't like to, I think way to much, my mind goes really fast. Faster then I type, or write. 

8. My favorite food is, Gravy fries, (from the Frontier Grill) and I'm NOT a fan of pizza, unless its homemade. 

9. I want 3 kids, 2 girls and 1 boy, reasons: My mom had g-b-g, my sis b-b-g. my bro g-b-b
my sis/cousin b-g-b and I want 2 girls, since no one else has had them, since my mom. LOL silly I know. Most of all I want/pray they will be healthy. and hopefully not have NF

Hm.... Thats all for now

Tomorrow... Tomorrow

Tomorrow I have a doctors appointment to see what's going on with my body, (girly problems) HaHa I hope everything goes well, We want to know if/when, I'll be able to get pregnant, if I have to go on medication again. UGH its a lot to go though, its been 2 months already without the dreaded cramps and AF (aunt flow) I never thought I'd be *wishing* it would just start already, I'll keep you up dated. Since there is only one person... (that I know of) that reads this, they know most of this already, BUT I haven't posted in a couple weeks, so I though I would post the happenings of my life. More later... 

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Happenings of life

WOW! Its been awhile since I posted here, well.. lets see.... 

I'm late again... I went though a whole process of taking progesterone a few months ago, which worked. Now I'm late again, its been tough, I'm on Cycle day 47, I have taken four at home pregnancy test, all were negative. I have an appointment on April 16th so hopefully we'll figure out what going on with that. 

Lets see... I've been married for almost 6 months, which is awesome! 

My mind is kinda blank at the moment, more to come later.