Sunday, January 24, 2010

Personal update

This is just an update about us TTC, it hasn't happened for us yet, We've been trying since we got married in October of 07'. My menstrual cycles haven't been normal I had one by my self recently which was good, but it wasn't exactly normal. I took a pregnancy test a couple of days ago it was negative. I'm so drained, emotionally. I have recently been thinking more so that I'm happy right now with the way things are, my husband and I are able to just get up and go, go shopping at 1 am if need be. Although I (we) want a child (children) we like it just us, and our fur-babies LOL. We are happy. We have a great home, a wonderful relationship. So for now this is great! We will have a baby when we're meant to, I just have to keep reminding my self that.

I feel so bad though, friends of mine have gotten pregnant and haven't wanted to tell me because they were afraid that it would hurt me, up set me. In a way it did, but I am so happy for them. They are all great people and they deserve the miracles they've received.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Free stuff

From time to time I look for free samples, I like to get free stuff, I mean who doesn't right? Well I found one, that you can receive free OPK and Pregnancy tests, at I think this rocks, I just "ordered" them tonight so I don't know if I will receive them, but I will keep you up to date. I found this offer a good one since we're still trying for wee one.