Thursday, June 16, 2011

Sewing, a new hobby.

My lovely husband got me a sewing machine (a brother ?) for my birthday last month and I really love it, although I haven't finished any thing other then Aa few little things like kitten blankets, and yes I do mean blankets for my cats. I did start a play apron for my niece, that is coming along but wasn't finished in time for her birthday, but hopefully I'll get it done soon.

I do think that its amazing how much I remember (retained) from taking that class in jr. High, you know the one where we did sewing, cooking, computers and shop? I can't remember the name of it... Anyway there are things that just seem to come naturally when sewing, so I assume that it's from talking the sewing class.

I have been reading some really lovely blogs lately and I am so inspired to create lovely things, for my home, and as gifts.