Thursday, April 24, 2008

Noisy neighbors

I'm not a fan of loud music or have I ever really been, I like music just fine, but at a reasonable level, I can hear my neighbors stereo right now blasting, I hear it over my TV, over my typing. Its highly annoying. Sometimes I can hear both of the neighbors above and next to us. I HATE it! Now that is a strong word, and I rarely use it, I think this situation deserves it. I think that it is really disrespectful.

In the morning around 6:45 am, my up stairs neighbors alarm goes off, she has it on a radio station, so its not quite as bad as the beeping could be, but still annoying. It would be so bad I guess if I had better sleep pattern, It wakes me up almost every morning, which wouldn't be as bad if I could go to sleep at a decent hour, I go to sleep around 4-5am, depending on when my Hubby gets off work.

The music stuff it tolerable! I guess, if I have to! What I really CANNOT stand is that, the upstairs boy SKATEBOARDS! Yes SKATEBOARDS!!! in the house urm.. Apartment!! We've told them that it bothers us, and he still does it!! Pounded on the ceiling, still does it!

Rant over! :D Have a nice day!


Kristin said...

Oohh...I've been on the opposite end of that. I used to (sometimes still do) LOVE loud music and lived on the top floor of an apartment complex. I was friends with neighbors on all sides of me on the top floor and we'd get together on weekends to "party". No one (that I know of) ever complained about it. I think the apartment manager put all the young-unmarried (or just newly wed) couples in the same building on purpose because of that very reason. So, I'll apologize for your neighbors!

Kristin said...

I love your new layout! Pink is a good colour for sure. =)