Friday, December 11, 2009

Redefining Beautiful By Jenna Lucado

Oh my goodness this book is good, I have told my friends and my nieces they need to read it. I have said every Christian girl should read this book. It has become my new favorite book. I didn't have any sort of relationship with my biological father, but the one I have with my Heavenly father is unbreakable, this book made me cry and laugh, I've always known that a girl and her dad have a special bond that doesn't compare to anything else. Being with out a dad I have always looked up to my brother in law, he is the closest thing I've ever had to a dad and I am very thankful for him. What I really enjoyed was the 'workbook' part of the book, this is something I always enjoy from a book, being able to have a deeper look into my self. Learn more about me, and what Makes me "tick". I will be giving this book as gifts to my nieces.


Kristin said...

I enjoy books like that myself. I'll be looking into this book for sure! I've read a few books that have made me really think about things. "The Peacegiver" and "The Holy Secret" both by James L. Ferrell are two I think you may enjoy a lot. I like that you do book reviews on your blog. :D